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Forty six years of research and development has made Flexite the quality product it is today. Flexite is enjoyed by thousands of satisfied patients throughout the world.


Call us today to arrange a consultation with our expert dental technicians to find the right product for your needs.

Full dentures and partial dentures

Our specialists will ensure you get the dentures that fit your lifestyle and your needs. You'll receive a product made to fit your exact requirements and the comfort level you always wanted.

Flexite Plus

- Super flexible, unbreakable

- Monomer free  (FDA grade plastic)

- Colour stable (can be added to or relined)

- Superior aesthetics

- Four standard shades, three ethnic shades

- Bio-Compatible

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Colouring of gum work

To achieve a more natural looking denture, we'll create high quality full and partial dentures with colour toned gum work. You'll enjoy the comfort of our super flexible products and you'll be able to smile as widely as you want to! We offer a same day service in Galston - give us a call.

Details of Flexite Plus dentures