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Dental emergencies? We're here to help!

If you need emergency denture replacements or emergency repairs for your dentures, you can always count on our dedicated dental technicians for assistance.


We cover Galston and Glasgow - give us a call for help with your dental emergencies.

A fast and reliable service

We can solve your denture problems while you wait, so you won't have to leave without them. From repairs to replacements, our specialists will ensure you're completely satisfied with your dentures.

At Noble Dental Laboratory Ltd we can help with

- Dental emergencies

- Emergency denture replacements

- Emergency repairs

- A reliable service

Need emergency repairs for your dentures? Call us on

01563 829 396

Repairing your dentures

We can repair your broken or cracked dentures, whether it's an emergency or just a small problem that can be fixed while you wait. Want new dentures? Call us to book a consultation with our team.